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How you can save through our group insurance program

Oct 8, 2015 1 minute read

At BrokerLink, we always look to offer customers new ways to save on insurance. That is why we provide preferred insurance rates to over 60 employer-based associations and special interest groups in Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. If you are a member of one of these organizations, you can save you up to 15% on your home and auto insurance.

For example, in Alberta we offer group rates to individuals who belong to employer-based associations and unions such as the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Building Trades of Alberta and the Calgary Police Association.

In Ontario, group insurance eligibility is based on membership in special interest associations such as the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) and the Ontario Equestrian Federation.

In Atlantic Canada, we offer group insurance to members of both employer-based associations and special interest organizations such as the Nova Scotia Golf Association and the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.

We currently offer group insurance rates through Novex and Economical. Both provide customers access to additional services.

Novex group insurance clients receive access to Novex Assistance. This feature provides legal and family assistance services not currently provided by any other provider. Second Medical Opinion, offered through Economical, provides clients with access to a global network of over 20,000 medical professionals through WorldCare. This service is made available to clients should they wish to receive a timely second medical opinion in the event that they or a dependent are diagnosed with a specific medical condition.

Both Novex Assistance and Second Medical Opinion are available to group insurance clients who qualify at no additional charge.

If you are a member of an employer-based association, such as a union, or a special interest group, we encourage you to contact a BrokerLink broker to get a quote on your home and/or auto insurance. Your BrokerLink broker can also identify groups you may qualify for.

Are you looking to offer your employees or special interest group members a discount on insurance?

Contact a BrokerLink broker to see if your organization qualifies for our preferred group insurance rates. In addition to workplaces, we also extend our group rates to union associations and special interest groups.