Insurance coverage for Santa

4 minute read Published on Dec 14, 2021 by BrokerLink Communications

Insurance coverage for Santa

Because even Santa Claus has accidents!

December is a time when many Canadians get ready for annual holiday celebrations. Much of Canada is covered in snow, the radio stations play all our favourite tunes, children are out tobogganing, and you may be curled up by the fireplace with a big cup of hot chocolate watching classic holiday movies on television.

There are so many things to check off your list before the big day, but there’s one important task that’s often overlooked: purchasing Santa Claus insurance coverage! What is this you may ask? It’s coverage you need in case the big guy has an accident while making a delivery on your property!

One of our personal insurance brokers, Brent P., based in Edmonton, Alberta, gave us some insights into how certain things would be covered if Santa or his crew leave more than just presents and a few crumbs behind. It’s important to note that if you do have to file a claim because of some leftover damage caused by Santa, your broker will work closely with your claims adjuster to make the best recommendations based on your exact situation.

What coverage do you need if Santa accidentally damages your roof?

Oops, did Santa’s landing cause some damage to your roof? This can be a tricky situation because if Santa was hired to do work on your roof, his commercial insurance policy would cover any damages caused to your home. And Santa wouldn’t be covered under weather perils, so any coverage for hail or windstorms wouldn’t help you here. So, what coverage is needed? Well, that depends on your exact situation.

For example, did Santa have one too many cookies and now your chimney has a few loose bricks? Technically your chimney is not part of your roof, but it is part of your standard home policy, so yes you have coverage here. It may even be possible that insurance companies would consider this a break and enter because you never really allowed him into your home (front doors are a pretty standard way for welcomed guests to enter a home, right?).

What if Santa damages your shingles? Well, your insurance company will want to know how old they are. If they are more than five years old, depreciation would be factored in, and your insurance company would help cover some of the costs to repair your roof.

Would an insurance company consider Santa’s sled an aircraft? It does magically fly, so if they do, it means any damages to your home could fall under aircraft. And most standard Canadian home policies have an aircraft clause built in.

What if Santa gets food poisoning from the cookies you left?

You may be getting the customary cookies and milk ready, but what if your good gesture turned Santa’s stomach upside down? That’s what liability insurance is for. A situation like this could go two different ways:

  1. If Santa is feeling nice, he may just settle for you covering any medical bills. Most policies have a voluntary medical section that has a maximum of $1,000.
  2. If Santa is upset and decides to sue you, your policy’s liability coverage would pay for any legal fees or lost wages. Most policies have a $1 million minimum, but the default that is recommended by many brokerages is $2 million. There’s very little cost difference between the two, but a few dollars more each month gives you some added protection because those legal fees can certainly add up.

Are you covered if the reindeers cause damage to your landscaping?

If you consider reindeer to be wildlife, you likely don’t have coverage under a standard home policy. And if they are a domestic animal, the same goes. However, if the reindeer happen to be owned by Santa, you could sue him. You might end up on the naughty list for life though!

Here’s how it works:

  • You could sue Santa for any damage claims.
  • In Canada, all home insurance policies have voluntary property coverage. So, if Santa goes through his Canadian insurance company, he could use this coverage to help pay for repair costs to your property.

What is voluntary insurance coverage?

In Canada, most homeowner polices have some type of medical or property coverage. So, let’s say your children are playing and break a neighbour's window; you could cover the costs to replace it without a deductible through your insurance company. There are limits though, so if you’re curious as to how high yours goes, give your BrokerLink advisor a call!

A grinch stole your decorations, now what?

Whether it’s the Grinch himself or one of his counterparts, that’s a bummer. Lucky for you, your insurance company will cover any replacements costs once you pay your deductible. You’ll most likely need to buy new items and send those receipts in before your insurance company reimburses you.

Filing a claim is never fun, but we’re here to help

At BrokerLink, we’re always here to help. Whether Santa, one of his elves, or your uncle who had one too many glasses of eggnog causes damage over the holiday season, you can count on us. Our insurance experts will walk you through the claims process and explain everything along the way. You can also give us a call before the festivities begin, to ensure you have the right coverage in place. Get in touch with us today to learn more!