Understanding Chocolate Protection Insurance

2 minute read Published on Apr 1, 2017 by BrokerLink Communications

Understanding Chocolate Protection Insurance

Sorry, chocolate lovers! Chocolate Protection Insurance was an April Fool’s Day joke. We hope you had a good laugh. 

At BrokerLink, we help protect what is important to our customers. This not only includes your car and home, but also what may seem unexpected. Starting April 1, BrokerLink will be piloting a new insurance coverage, Chocolate Protection Insurance. Chocolate Protection Insurance addresses an important statistic; Canadians eat an average of 160 chocolate bars per year. This insurance protects a customer’s chocolate stash – which, under the coverage, is defined as over five chocolates (or chocolate bars) in a concealed area.

“I have been waiting for this type of insurance coverage for some time,” said Steve Bonbon, BrokerLink customer. “I’m excited to be a test subject for Chocolate Protection Insurance. I usually have 10 chocolates in my stash; by the end of the week, it’s at five. I suspect my kids. They blame the cat, but I know Mittens has always had trouble with the wrappers.”

How does Chocolate Protection Insurance protect a chocolate stash?

Chocolate Protection Insurance provides comprehensive cocoa coverage for chocolate stashes, which includes the following:

  • Replacing chocolates from a mysterious disappearance: depending on the insurance provider, some Chocolate Protection Insurance policies offer instant chocolate replacement via drones (the drones deliver the missing chocolates to the customer’s home).
  • Reimbursing the cost of chocolate-stash security devices: there are several security devices available to protect chocolate stashes. These include cocoa-cameras and choco-locks.
  • Providing new chocolates in the event of melting: depending on where the stash is located, the room temperature may fluctuate. Should the stash melt because an unexpected change in temperature, the cost to purchase new chocolates is covered.

How is Chocolate Protection Insurance tailored to a customer’s chocolate stash?

It is very important that customers have the appropriate level of coverage. To best meet your unique needs our brokers will ask the following questions:

1. What types of chocolates are typically in your stash (i.e., milk, dark or white chocolate)?

The type of chocolate in a stash is an important factor in assessing the level of coverage required. Other factors include quality, temperature sensitivity and if there are any mix variants (chocolate and peanut butter being the most common).

2. Where is your chocolate stash located?

The location of the chocolate stash impacts its likelihood of being discovered, which leads to specific risks. For example, chocolate stashes in a bedside drawer have a higher rate of disappearance than stashes in a high kitchen cupboard.

3. Do you currently have security in place, such as a choco-lock or cocoa-camera?

Having a chocolate stash security device may qualify for additional discounts. However, should the stash be located in a more at-risk location (such as a bedside table), additional coverage may be needed.

“We receive frequent questions about protecting chocolate stashes and look forward to customer feedback,” said Sandra Sweets, BrokerLink personal insurance advisor. “We also find Chocolate Protection Insurance is especially needed on April Fool’s Day, when people play jokes on each other.”