BrokerLink an “udderly” proud sponsor

1 minute read Published on Sep 8, 2017 | Last updated Sep 22, 2022 by BrokerLink Communications

Farm insurance

BrokerLink provides farm insurance for farmers in Ontario, Alberta and Atlantic Canada, where our experts tailor insurance for their specific farming needs. Working together with farmers helps us meet and support members of the community.Recently, through BrokerLink’s Burlington branch supporting the local 4-H Ontario Hamilton-Wentworth chapter (which engages and supports youth in the community) branch manager Desiree Zimbalatti and insurance advisor Michelle Wingfield met 16-year-old Ben Howell. In addition to being an active 4-H member for seven years (he’s completed over 90 projects with his chapter), Ben is passionate about dairy-cow genetics. His family owns and operates a seventh-generation dairy farm in Ancaster, Ontario. He also plans to study agriculture at the University of Guelph.

After learning about Ben’s accomplishments and his family’s dairy farming legacy, Desiree, Michelle and the Burlington team presented Ben with a sponsorship to help him raise a calf – her name is Lila.

Ben and Lila

Ben used his own money to purchase Lila at the Taste of Ontario National Convention Salesand the branch contributed additional funds to provide support. She is Ben’s 2017 4-H project and marks the official beginning of his future in genetics and production of dairy cattle. He plans to use Lila to breed future 4-H calves and high-genetics dairy cows and compete with her in other 4-H teams across Canada. Also, he will attend local fairs across Ontario in Ancaster, Rockton, Paris, Simcoe and West Niagara.

“One moment I’m walking her and the next, she’s walking herself out the front gate,” said Ben, who remarked on how fast Lila is growing.

We’ll provide moo-re updates about Ben and Lila’s journey on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow us to stay in the loop and to learn more about our community outreach initiatives and insurance advice.