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BrokerLink sells 1,100 toques during Raising the Roof campaign

Published on Feb 29, 2012 | Last updated Mar 11, 2021 1 minute read

BrokerLink sells 1,100 toques during Raising the Roof campaign

Raising the Roof’s toque campaign generates needed funds to help find long-term solutions to youth homelessness. Eighty percent of the net proceeds of toque sales benefit agencies across Canada.

Founded in 1997, Raising the Roof is Canada’s only national homelessness charity. It seeks long-term solutions for youth homelessness by engaging with front line agencies, corporations, governments and youth, by funding local, grassroots agencies and by educating Canadians about the nature of homelessness and its solutions. 

Our commitment continues

Although our toque-selling campaign has ended for this year, our commitment to corporate social responsibility continues all-year long. BrokerLink supports local initiatives that focus our support in the communities where we live and work. These events include local food drives, fundraisers for charities, and supporting community events or festivities.