Intact Insurance Exclusives

Intact Client Centre

We are proud to offer our Intact customers access to the Intact Client Centre. Client Centre provides instant access to policy documents, billing statements, and real-time updates on the status of claims for all customers with personal auto or home insurance policies with Intact.

Already an Intact customer? View your documents online at our Intact Client Centre page.

The Client Centre is easily accessible via both the Intact and Brokerlink websites, or through the Intact Insurance app, available on iTunes and Google Play. This provides a secure, convenient, and paperless (environmentally friendly) way to keep track of important insurance documentation.

Having your insurance information at your fingertips can be especially valuable during emergency situations where collecting your documentation is not an option. 

Still want to receive paper copies of your insurance documents? No problem! This option can be easily selected on your profile page in the Client Centre, or just contact your broker and we can make sure you get hard copies.

You can access billing information, including a billing schedule and the amount owed for your next payment through the Client Centre. Also, through the app or Intact’s secure website, you can both make and track payments.

In addition to allowing customers to track the status of their claims, the Client Centre also provides information regarding how to file a claim, what to expect during the claims process, and next steps once a claim has been filed.

Some things you still have to do the old fashioned way: policy changes, such as updating your address or vehicle information cannot be made directly through the Client Centre. However, once you’ve done this with your broker, the changes will be reflected in Client Centre within 24 hours.

Visit the Intact Client Centre

Intact my Drive


Intact’s my Drive program provides customers with a 5% discount on personal auto policies just for enrolling. Through safe driving habits, you can receive up to a 30% discount on their premiums which will be applied starting midterm.

When using my Drive, your driving habits are regularly updated so you have the chance to maintain or potentially increase your savings every 6 months

Your my Drive statistics can be viewed through the Intact Insurance app. Reminders, feedback, and tips on how to improve your discount are also available through the app.

How it works

Once you have downloaded the Intact Insurance app and registered for my Drive, the app does all the work. The Intact Insurance app tracks driving behaviour such as: hard braking, rapid acceleration and distractions (e.g. using your smartphone to talk or text).

Each data collection period lasts 6 months. During this period, customers must drive a minimum of 1000 km to receive a discount on their premiums.

The my Drive program uses approximately 3% to 6% of your smartphone’s battery life per hour (the same as any other app which uses your location).

Cellular data is a requirement for using the app which uses, on average, 1.5% to 6% of the data on the average monthly 1000 – 2000 MB data plan.


Although the app has the ability to track phone use, your phone calls and any messages exchanged will not be recorded.

In the case of an accident, police cannot access the information stored by the app or collected by Intact without your consent or the proper legal authorization.