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BrokerLink Curling Programs

Sweep your way to better insurance with BrokerLink

Curling is more than a game. In Canada, curling brings communities together. As a local brokerage, our BrokerLink employees are cheering alongside you. We’re proud to support those who love this sport as much as we do. That’s why we’re happy to provide specialized insurance options to clubs and associations or sponsor teams and events. Now let’s throw some rocks (or scroll down to learn more)!

Curling Group Insurance

Are you a member of CurlON or NOCA? If so, you could be eligible for group rates through BrokerLink's group insurance programs. Follow one of the links below to learn more about the insurance discounts you qualify for:

BrokerLink also offers a group commercial insurance program for curling clubs in Canada.


Team Homan

BrokerLink is proud to be the official insurance provider for Team Homan. Led by Rachel Homan, the team are three-time Canadian champions, reigning World Champions and Team Canada representatives at other high profile international events.

Follow Team Homan on their blog to learn more about their partnership with BrokerLink.

Team Glenn Howard

Sponsoring Team Glenn Howard since 2016, we've cheered them on as they've competed across the country. In fact, when not on the road or at a curling rink, team member David Mathers is also a broker with BrokerLink.

Here's a short video clip from an interview with David explaining how he combines his love for curling with his work at BrokerLink.

Learn more about BrokerLink’s contribution to Team Howard’s success in our blog post.

Together, both Team Homan and Team Howard work with us to let others know about our customized group programs for curling clubs, CurlON and NOCA.

Do you own or operate a curling club? Learn more about the BrokerLink advantage with our commercial curling club insurance.