Home 360: tour a virtual home to learn real-life home maintenance tips
From mortgage payments to maintenance, owning a home involves numerous responsibilities. To help homeowners, BrokerLink has launched Home 360 – a virtual tour of a home where tips about home maintenance, safety and how to protect valuables (such as art) are featured. With a 360-degree view, homeowners can “walk through” the living room, basement,...
Insurance and marriage: why finding the right match is important
There are many life changes, such as buying a car, where getting proper insurance is important. This also applies to marriage. The right insurance can help couples save money and cover financial losses if their assets become damaged. As part of tying the knot, here are four insurance-related tips to not forget:
Before you go on holidays, remember to protect your home
Are you one of the lucky ones going on vacation shortly? Although there is great anticipation for an upcoming holiday, don’t forget to consider your home. An unoccupied home is at greater risk of damage and more susceptible to a break-in. While you’re away, you can reduce the risk – and save some money...
Seasonal property insurance: preparing a vacation property for summer fun
Summer marks a time where many Canadians go to vacation properties. Before heading to a summer haven, it’s important to review existing seasonal property insurance with a BrokerLink broker. This review ensures homeowners have the right insurance coverage to reflect the current state of their property. In addition to insurance, doing an exterior and...
Why directors and officers liability coverage is important
Whether privately owned, publicly traded or nonprofit, organizations often have a board of directors to oversee operations and governance. Due to their public exposure, organizations and their directors face a variety of risks. These risks can often result in lawsuits, which could lead to financial losses for individual board members or the organization.