Canadian Winter Experiences

3 minute read Published on Jan 20, 2021 by BrokerLink Communications

Canadian Winter Experiences

Right now, many of us can’t connect indoors, but no matter where you live in Canada, there are tons of ways to connect with the people you love outdoors! We are so lucky to live in a beautiful country full of parks, mountain peaks, ocean views, waterfalls, vast fields, forests, and more. This winter, we want to inspire you and your loved ones to get out in nature. Breathe in that crisp, Canadian winter air and even partake in a few ‘magical’ experiences.

In Alberta

There is no shortage of things to do when the snow starts to fall (which is a good thing, since snow falls year-round in Alberta). The Canadian Rockies offer a vast playground of options: camping, snowboarding/skiing, sledding (dog and toboggan), snowshoeing, riding a fat bike and more!

Have you seen the films Inception or The Revenant? Not far from our Canmore branch, you can snowshoe or hike on Fortress Mountain where those movies were filmed.

When is the last time you gazed up at the stars? Alberta’s contrast of vast prairies and high mountains, offers numerous opportunities for you to escape the city lights. Whether you choose Jasper or Waterton Lakes, you can camp, rent a cabin, or stay at a full-service lodge and enjoy a variety of winter activities during the day. Relax in the evening as you gaze up at the stars revealed with a magical brightness and clarity.

In Ontario

While you may picture Niagara Falls in its summer glory, visiting in the winter offers a whole new perspective that’s not to be missed. Ice builds up all around the falls, creating a magical illusion that they are frozen in place, which may leave you a little mist-i-fied (get it?). On a clear, sunny day, this is a sight you’ll want to soak in.

Heading East, residents of the National Capital Region can enjoy skating on the longest ice-rink in the world – the Rideau Canal. And, Ottawa citizens don’t limit their canal activities to skating, you’ll see people cross-country skiing, fat biking and snowshoeing on or along paths of the famous waterway too.

If you live in Northern Ontario, you can check out the many skating options available – both natural and unique, including the Arrowhead Skating Trail, a 1.3 km trail that winds through a peaceful Muskoka forest. At night, tiki-torches are lit, offering an even more magical, unforgettable experience. To see if the Arrowhead Skating Trail is open, visit the Ontario Parks website!

In the Atlantic

Have you ever made snow art? Take in the ice carving/snow festival in Shippigan, NB between February and March, or create some right at home with a spray bottle filled with coloured water and of course, snow. While this region may not have the mountain ranges of Alberta, it still offers downhill and cross-country skiing. On Wentworth Mountain you can ski their slopes for a dose of adrenaline.

Not too far from our branch in Halifax, the Oval is a go-to for ice skating with warming huts (depending on restrictions), free skate rentals and BeaverTails®!

For those who live in the city, Corner Brook, they have their share of exciting winter activities to choose from. Dive into beautiful views of Humber Valley and Marble Mountain Resort by zip lining with Marble Zip Tours. There are also snowmobile and hiking trails offering additional adventures. There’s truly something for everyone.

Take out your toys

Winter ‘toys’ are not just limited to snowmobiles, skiis and snowshoes. ATVs, RVs and mountain bikes can all be enjoyed with snow on the ground. Before taking them out to play, make sure they are winter-ready, safe to operate, and that you have the proper insurance coverage in place.

Health Benefits

While low temperatures make you want to curl up inside, there are multiple benefits to getting outside during the winter! Did you know you burn extra calories as your body works hard to stay warm? Cold air can also reduce allergy flare ups and help you to think more clearly, as your brain uses less glucose in lower temperatures. But, most importantly, the outdoors is a wonderful medium for strong, healthy, human connections.

What are you waiting for? Get outdoors and enjoy all that your community has to offer!