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Stand out from the herd with customized livestock insurance.

At BrokerLink, we understand the importance of livestock farms, including its benefit to local communities and the economy. From beef cattle growers to hogs, sheep and goats, livestock farming is your livelihood and fulltime job. BrokerLink is here to support you in helping to feed a growing community. 

As one of Canada’s largest insurance brokers, we work together with Canada’s top insurance companies to offer you customized coverage options and benefits to meet your livestock farming needs. Given the challenges and risks, including a volatile market, you want to feel confident your insurance coverage includes all aspects of running a livestock farm. 

Our customized livestock insurance coverages includes entrapment, physical injury,  transportation, custom feeder, confined feeding operations, business interruption, breeding/ fertility, vet services, etc. 

Ask us about Farm Advantage

We offer two endorsement packages that are bundled for maximum savings. Each year, a Livestock Farm Insurance customer will earn points in an effort to be eligible for exclusive perks as part of BrokerLink’s Farm Advantage program. Customers with a minimum $5,000 in premium can participate in the points program. When a customer earns enough farm points, they qualify to have the deductible waived on their first loss and their claim forgiven.

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