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Get cream of the crop dairy insurance.

Dairy farms face unique challenges when it comes to insurance. The strength of BrokerLink's Farm Insurance Program is identifying solutions to these challenges and helping you find customized coverage that is right for your dairy farm.

No matter how big or small your dairy operation is, we’ll find you the best insurance for your unique needs and help to improve your coverage. Our brokers are experts in farming, with community farming roots complemented with years of experience in agriculture and farm insurance. 

BrokerLink’s Dairy Farm Insurance coverage includes outbuildings, farm machinery and equipment, produce coverage including milk contamination and refrigeration, pollution, other liability and loss of income.  

Ask us about Farm Advantage

As part of our Farm Advantage program, we offer two endorsement packages that are bundled together to maximize savings. Every year, Dairy Farm Insurance customers earns points in an effort to be eligible for exclusive benefits. Customers must have a minimum of $5,000 in premium to participate in the points program. If a customer earns enough farm points, the deductible may be waived on their first loss and their claim forgiven.

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