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Click on the map below to select your BrokerLink branch, including information to call, email or visit us during office hours. Below the map is a list of brokers by branch.

BrokerLink Brantford branch
Brantford130 Clarence Street
Office Hours 8:30AM - 5:00PM (Monday to Friday)
BrokerLink Brantford
Fax: 519-756-2946

Brantford has long been a place to start something new. Often referred to as “the telephone city,” it’s where Alexander Graham Bell’s first long distance call originated. Whether you’re just starting out in Brantford yourself or have lived here all your life, BrokerLink can help. We have a location in town, and our brokers live in town too. They’re here to help you create a customized insurance policy that fits your needs. To ensure you’re getting the best insurance rate possible, they’ll also provide competitive quotes for you to compare. Contact your Brantford broker today for your home insurance, car insurance and other personal and business insurance needs.

BrokerLink Charing Cross office in Brantford
Brantford - Charing Cross Street53 Charing Cross Street
Office Hours 8:30AM - 5:00PM (Monday to Friday)
BrokerLink Brantford - Charing Cross St.
Fax: 519-759-4734

Finding the most qualified insurance brokers in Brantford is easy when you call BrokerLink. All our brokers are highly trained experts who can quickly find the insurance that’s right for you. They live and work in Brantford too, so they understand the area and are here to help with your specific insurance needs. In fact, one simple call connects you to a friendly broker who’ll work with you to create a customized insurance policy. We’ll even provide you with competitive quotes to help make sure you get the best insurance rate possible along with great coverage.