Work-Life Balance With Meditation

2 minute read Published on Sep 11, 2019 | Last updated Oct 20, 2022 by BrokerLink Team User

work life balance
Work-life balance is something people talk about so much these days it’s almost become a cliche. But bringing balance to your life is important, and it can be challenging to make it a priority. Joel Phillip, a BrokerLink commercial lines broker, takes the idea of balance very seriously. 

His journey towards balance and mindfulness has been a long one, and it started at the age of eight.

“I was watching FC Barcelona with my dad,” Joel says. “I looked up at him and I said, ‘I want to be a professional soccer player.’”

From that moment on, Joel worked tirelessly to fulfill his dream. Soccer was his life. He sacrificed relationships and nights out with friends to play soccer. Throughout high school, balance was not in Joel’s vocabulary. His life was all about soccer, and achieving his dream. 

At the end of high school, all his hard work paid off. Joel was offered a scholarship to James Madison University in Virginia. But things didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Joel wasn’t the star player he had been in the past. Instead, he rode the bench for four years.

After graduation, Joel realized he had to let go of his dream. He came back to Toronto and fell into a deep depression.

“Everyone knew me as Joel the soccer guy,” he says. “It was my whole identity.” 

While Joel was figuring out what his next step was, he thought back to his college roommate Kayin. Joel was once surprised when he saw Kayin just sitting on his bed with his eyes closed. Kayin was meditating, and he taught Joel how to do it. Years later, as Joel was struggling with depression, he remembered hearing that mindfulness can help.
“I had nothing to lose,” Joel says. “I made a commitment to meditate every night before bed.” 

Meditating and Nutrition

Within one month of meditating every night, Joel’s depression had lifted. He started taking better care of his nutrition. And he realized that just because his life didn’t turn out how he thought it would when he was eight, it didn’t mean life was over. 

In 2016, Joel joined the BrokerLink team as a broker. This year, he moved into commercial lines at the digital branch in Toronto. Just like meditation helped Joel get out of his depression, it’s helped him thrive in his job. One of the many benefits of meditation is that it increases focus and concentration.

“I don’t even need coffee in the morning,” Joel says. 

While not everyone will want to pass up their caffeine or CBD fix, meditation is a great tool that can help us find that elusive work-life balance we are all seeking. Meditation and mindfulness helps give balance and perspective, and can help us thrive in all parts of our life. Meditation increases emotional intelligence, enhances creativity and imagination, reduces stress, and can even make you look younger.

Joel’s first love is soccer, and he makes a living selling insurance. But his life has a different purpose: teach more people how to meditate and be mindful so they can improve their lives like he did.

“My passion is soccer,” Joel says. “But my purpose is to empower people to take control of their physical, mental and emotional health to create a foundation upon which anything is possible.”