Maddie Eady Gets Ready for Miss Teen Ontario East

1 minute read Published on May 3, 2019 | Last updated Jun 2, 2022 by BrokerLink Communications

Maddie Eady Gets Ready for Miss Teen Ontario East

This Sunday, Maddie Eady will take the stage at Miss Teen Ontario East in Renfrew, Ontario. The 19-year-old will compete against 16 other contestants in the annual pageant.

The pageant raises awareness and funds for Candlelighters, ;a charity that supports families who have children battling cancer.

“I think it’s an important organization,” says Maddie. “It means I’m raising money for a good cause.”

The contestants will be judged in a variety of categories, including an interview, evening wear, and of course, talent.

Maddie will be performing a song and dance routine to the song Sweet Caroline.

The team at BrokerLink Renfrew is proud to sponsor Maddie as she shows off her talents and brings awareness to an important charity.

“Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way,” says Renfrew Branch Manager Jordan Mather. “If we can support a charity that helps families with kids battling cancer, why wouldn’t we?”

Barb Regan is a family friend to Maddie, and she says the girls have a busy weekend ahead of them, filled with rehearsals and preparations.

“It’s a boost to their confidence,” says Regan. “It gives them awareness that they can do anything they want.”

The winner of Miss Teen Ontario East will have the duty of promoting Candlelighters through a variety of fundraising activities.

Whoever takes home the title, the girls are sure to have fun and build confidence, all while raising money for an important cause.