Home in 360: tour a virtual home to learn real-life home maintenance tips

Jun 20, 2017 1 minute read

From mortgage payments to maintenance, owning a home involves numerous responsibilities. To help homeowners, BrokerLink has launched Home in 360 – a virtual tour of a home where tips about home maintenance, safety and how to protect valuables (such as art) are featured. With a 360-degree view, homeowners can “walk through” the living room, basement, kitchen and foyer of a home. A view of the home’s exterior is also available.

“We’re here to act as trusted advisors and protect what is important to our customers,” said BrokerLink broker Wendy Payne. “Home in 360 is an engaging way for them to learn practical tips which help reduce the impact of unexpected surprises. For example, one of the tips is pointing downspouts away from a home’s foundation to prevent flooding.”

Discover home-maintenance tips

Home in 360 features over 20 home maintenance and safety tips. Some examples include:

  • regularly changing and testing smoke-alarm batteries, reducing the chance of a homeowner being taken off-guard by a potential fire
  •  installing water sensors in the basement, which notifies homeowners about rising water levels
  • removing snow and ice buildup on eavestroughs, which prevents water damage to your home

When entering the virtual tour, tips are presented in a text or video form.

Take the tour

The tour can help homeowners learn how to incorporate tips in Home in 360’s virtual reality into their current reality.
Enter into BrokerLink’s Home in 360 tour.