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Fort McMurray Wildfires – What you need to know

Jun 8, 2016 4 minute read

June 8th update: Re-entering Fort McMurray

As Fort McMurray residents re-enter the city this week, our BrokerLink offices on Signal Road and Morrison Street have reopened. Brokers will be on hand to assist with updating your details, putting you in touch with your insurance provider, answering questions, and ultimately – helping you get your lives back to normal.

Our Fort McMurray offices have reopened

We have reopened both of our offices, ready to help file claims and answer any questions you may have.

1 – 604 Signal Road
Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 4Z4
Office Hours 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Monday to Friday)

101, 9914 Morrison Street
Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 4A4
Office Hours 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Monday to Friday)

We will continue to offer extended calling hours at: 1-866-913-2580 from 8:00AM – 9:00AM & 5:00PM – 8:00PM (Mon-Fri); 9:00AM – 4:00PM (Saturday).

Additional information and useful resources as you re-enter Fort McMurray:
Insurance Bureau of Canada App

Contact your BrokerLink broker if you have any questions about your claim or next steps.


May 12th update: Funding from the provincial government and the Red Cross

New information has been released on how Fort McMurray evacuees can access emergency funding from the provincial government and the Red Cross.

Yesterday, the Red Cross announced that each adult will receive $600 and each child will receive $300. This is in addition to the previously announced $1,250 per adult and $500 per dependant committed by the provincial government.

People who have given the Red Cross an email address will receive the funds through e-transfer in the next 24 to 48 hours. The Red Cross said if you didn’t provide an email, they will reach out to you via alternative methods such as phone.

If evacuees haven’t already done so, they will need to register on the Red Cross website.

Premier Rachel Notley has also announced that the pre-loaded debit cards with the above mentioned amounts are now available at designated locations in Edmonton, Calgary and Lac La Biche. These debit cards will be available for pick-up until May 20th.

One family member can pick up debit cards for the entire family if they have documentation: a Red Cross registration number, photo ID, identification for a partner/spouse or dependants (if claiming for them) or proof of residence in the community.

Steps to take for filing a claim & what you need to know

If you do not have your policy information, you can contact us at 1.866.913.2580 or by visiting us at any BrokerLink office and we can access this information for you.

You can also contact your insurance company directly by using the toll-free numbers listed on the right-hand side of this document.

Your insurance company or BrokerLink broker will start your claim. Your claims representative will then contact you to walk you through the claims process. They can let you know what to expect and answer any claims questions.

As an evacuee, here are some things you need to be aware of:

Included in your home, tenants’ or condo policy, if you experience a mandatory evacuation or if your property is unfit for occupancy, you will be covered for additional living expenses. Be sure to discuss with your claims representative what expenses qualify, which receipts to keep, if they will provide you with an advanced payment and any coverage limits you need to be aware of.

Many home and condo policies provide coverage for the loss of rental income during the time it takes to complete any repairs on the property. Speak with your claims representative to learn more.

As it is still early, you may not know the status of your personal belongings. Be sure to discuss with your claims representative the process for documenting any damage. Our home inventory checklist can help you begin the process. It is important to go into as much detail as possible. For example, if you are claiming a computer remember to claim the cost of any downloaded music, games and software that was installed.

Fire and smoke damage are covered by homeowner and condo policies. While it may be too early to know if your residence has sustained damage, your claims representative can let you know what to expect.


May 4th update: BrokerLink Help Stations

Dedicated BrokerLink Help Stations at the Edmonton Expo Centre and the Bold Center in Lac La Biche are now open. We will have teams on-site every day, including over the weekend, to assist anyone who may need our support. We can direct you to your insurance company and answer any questions you may have.

For the latest on the situation in Fort McMurray, please visit the Alberta Emergency Alert website at


May 3rd: Fort McMurray wildfires 

As a result of the Fort McMurray wildfires, the BrokerLink offices located at 9914 Morrison St  and 604 Signal Road are closed.

If you experienced damage to your property or vehicle due to the wildfires in Fort McMurray and need to speak with your insurance company, please contact your BrokerLink broker at 1-866-913-2580.  

Or, contact your insurance company directly:

Intact/Novex Insurance: 1-866-464-2424
Economical Insurance: 1-800-607-2424
Peace Hills Insurance: 1-800-272-5614
RSA Insurance: 1-800-319-9993
Wawanesa Insurance: 1-800-625-7891
Aviva Insurance: 1-866-692-8482

If your insurance company is not listed, please contact a BrokerLink broker at 1-866-913-2580.