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BrokerLink Health and Wellness segment – Desk Yoga Pose #6

Sep 16, 2014 1 minute read

BrokerLink’s desk yoga series continues with pose six and increasing circulation through hips and shoulders.

Alissa from BrokerLink enjoys these poses from her desk to stay limber while designing ads.

To begin, sit tall and raise one leg while gently placing it over your opposite knee. Lean forward and hold. You should feel a gentle stretch in the front of your hip.  Be gentle and don’t over do it. Remember, these posts are just a guide and if you have any pre-existing injuries, be sure to consult a health care professional before trying the poses.

Next, Alissa demonstrates how to open tight shoulders by raising one arm and placing behind your neck. Take the opposite arm behind your back to try to meet your other hand.  Again, the stretch in your shoulders should be gentle and don’t force your hands together. Be sure to switch arms and hold.  Alissa advises if you keep doing this over time, you hands will touch (looks like Alissa is proving the concept!)

Feeling limber?