BrokerLink Health and Wellness segment – Desk Yoga Pose #2

Aug 19, 2014 1 minute read

It’s pose two of BrokerLink’s desk yoga series.  Today’s segment continues the focus on shoulders and our back. Chi from BrokerLink demonstrates how to use the eagle pose and a forward fold to feel better while sitting at her desk.

For an Eagle Pose, Chi brings her arms out front, crosses the left arm under the right arm and holds for up to five counts. Be sure to switch and do the right arm under the left. Repeat as required.

Next, Chi demonstrates a forward fold by sitting high on her chair, with her lower back pressed firmly against the back of the chair.  Chi slowly folds forward to gently release any tension from her hips due to sitting for long periods.  This pose helps take some of the pressure off Chi’s lower back and can assist to release tight hips.