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BrokerLink Health and Wellness segment – Desk Yoga Pose 1

Aug 7, 2014 1 minute read

Welcome to our first pose of BrokerLink’s desk yoga series, part of our new segment on health and wellness.  Each week we will post a new yoga pose to help improve your flexibility while sitting at your desk.

Today’s segment is about stretching your shoulders and loosening your spine. You may ask why  is this important?   Sitting at your desk for long periods can strain your shoulders. If your chair is not properly supportive, this may cause the back to slouch which puts strain on the spine.

BrokerLink team member Nicole demonstrates how to stretch while sitting at her desk.  To begin, raise your arms above your head and gently stretch.  Nicole clasps her hands above her head to also stretch her hands.

Next, Nicole focuses on her spine by sitting tall and gently twisting to the left side and holding for up to ten seconds. For those who feel comfortable, you can always include five deep breaths for relaxation as you twist.  Don’t forget to gently twist to the right side as well.  Nicole advises not to over do it, as you should only feel a gentle stretch or lengthening.

Try it and let us know how it went.