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Insurance 101

Why do I need insurance? How can insurance help me in the long-run? What kind of insurance do I need to open my own business? What kind of insurance should I consider when buying my first home? Our Insurance 101 blog is the perfect place to start your insurance education. It’s a great place to start learning for anyone with limited knowledge of insurance but can be helpful if you have general insurance questions or want to review the basics. Let our article series “Debunking common insurance myths” help you separate fact and fiction by clearing up many common misconceptions about insurance. Like any other subject, if you want to learn about insurance, it’s best to start with the basics and work your way up. Let us help you simplify insurance one article at a time.

How does insurance help restaurant owners?
According to Restaurants Canada, the restaurant industry generates $80-billion in revenue each year, which is four per cent of the country’s economic activity. Restaurant owners are part of this billion-dollar industry. To help them continue to step up to...