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Home Insurance Tips

It’s important to know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Our articles help shed light on what’s important as a homeowner or what to consider when shopping for home insurance.

For instance, do you want to know how to save money with a little regular home maintenance? Have you ever wondered what it costs to insure your own pool? Or, how do you figure out if your home office is properly insured? We discuss home insurance coverage tips and share ideas for everything from saving money while renovating your home, to renting your home on AirBnB.

Even if you’re not yet a homeowner, the BrokerLink blog can offer insight into issues that could arise when deciding on home insurance.

Insurance tips for a safe holiday
The holiday season is here. For many, this could mean hosting holiday house parties, shopping for gifts online or heading away to escape Canada’s cold weather. We go over why insurance plays a role in all of these scenarios.
What insurance do I need if I’m purchasing a condo?
When it comes to buying a condo, there are certain insurance coverages soon-to-be owners need to understand. It’s also important to know the difference between insurance for the condo association versus insurance for the condo owner. Here’s a look...
Staying safe while shopping online
The holiday season is here and for many, this involves online shopping. While a convenient way to purchase gifts, it can result in identity theft scams – where someone’s personal information is used for financial gain. According to the...