Saving Stories


"We saved $796.
And for better insurance."

- Daimon & Angela V. of Airdrie

Daimon and Angela appreciate excellence. That’s precisely what they got when a friend referred them to BrokerLink for home and car insurance. Kathy at BrokerLink scrutinized their policy line by line to find ways for them to save while getting the best coverage. Daimon and Angela appreciated the care Kathy took and how easy she made it for them. With only a few phone calls and emails, they saved $796.

Savings are just a phone call away

Janice S. of Windsor

“BrokerLink found ways to save me $756 on insurance.”

Insurance savings can start in the strangest places. Like a barber’s chair. Michael from BrokerLink was getting his hair cut when Janice, his barber, wondered if switching her home and car insurance to BrokerLink would save money. Michael looked into it. By bundling the policies and finding savings, he helped Janice save $756. And Janice discovered that, like a good haircut, saving on insurance can also make you feel pretty good.

Mario & Michelle R. of Hamilton

“Switching was painless. Saving $485 on insurance didn’t hurt either.”

Mario and Michelle had never had tenant insurance. But after their BrokerLink advisor, Janet, explained its benefits and the advantages of bundling it with their car insurance, they were sold. Much to their delight, by adding tenant insurance and bundling it with their car, they actually saved $485. And it all happened by phone and email. Mario and Michelle couldn’t beat the savings, or the convenience.

Stacey-Jo & Chris B. of Edmonton

“We got the coverage we needed and saved $540.”

Stacey-Jo and Chris wanted to simplify their insurance. Their car insurance was with BrokerLink but their home policy was elsewhere. They were juggling different renewal and payment dates and couldn’t get all the home coverage they wanted. So Kurtis at BrokerLink rolled up his sleeves, finding Stacey-Jo and Chris the coverage they needed and making suggestions for what they didn’t. In the end, they saved $540. Now they are enjoying just-right coverage and the simplicity of bundling.

Donna E. and Ronald R. of London

“Thanks to our OFAH membership, we saved $433 on insurance by switching to BrokerLink.”

When Ronald joined the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), he likely wasn’t thinking about how the membership would help him save on home insurance. But when Jessica at BrokerLink discovered he was a member, she found insurance that offered a discount for OFAH members. Now Donna and Ronald are saving $433 and have reduced their premium by almost half.

Brenda M. of Calgary

"Switching was easy, and I'm saving $647 on insurance."

Brenda called BrokerLink out of sheer curiosity. She had been with her insurance broker for 15 years, but she didn’t understand the coverage she had, and her premium kept increasing. She spoke with Layla at BrokerLink, who reviewed Brenda’s current policy and gave her a quote with more personalized recommendations. Brenda switched right away, saving herself $647.  

John C. of Hamilton

"A quick talk with Lori at BrokerLink saved me $650."

John was looking for a better deal on his auto and tenant insurance. He called BrokerLink and spoke with Lori, who took the time to understand every detail of John’s insurance situation. She bundled the auto and tenant insurance and found John a more competitive premium, saving him a total of $650.

Paul M. of Medicine Hat

"They did more for me and my insurance than any other company."

Paul was looking to save on his home and auto insurance, so he called Jennifer at BrokerLink. Jennifer took the time to explain the coverage to Paul and did some extra research to cover the breadth of Paul’s questions. Now Paul has the coverage he wants and is happy with the customer service he received. He’s also pretty happy about the $1,149 that Jennifer was able to save him.

Lina L. of London

"I now have the car and condo coverage I need - for $245 less."

Lina was looking for savings on her condo and auto insurance. She called BrokerLink and spoke with Alison, whose helpful, hard-working attitude made Lina confident about bringing her insurance to BrokerLink. Alison saved Lina $245, while customizing the coverage to better suit Lina’s needs.

Bud and Esther M. of Calgary

"BrokerLink saved us money, and th customer service was fantastic. Thank you."

Bud and Esther were looking to change their home insurance providers after one too many bad customer service experiences with their prior carrier. On their search for a new provider, they called BrokerLink for a quote and spoke with Joan. They were so pleased with their customer service experience, and the $127 Joan saved them, that they switched right away.

Taylor F. of Thunder Bay

"I got extra coverage and saved $60/month on my home and auto policies."

Taylor F of Thunder Bay is an avid fisherman and a member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters group. He spoke to Debbie at BrokerLink, who provided a quote for Taylor that combined his home and auto policies through the OFAH member discount program. Taylor saved $720 on his home and auto policies, and received bonus coverage with accident forgiveness and protection against identity theft that he didn’t have previously.


Patsy K. of Medicine Hat

“I got great coverage and saved $687.”

Good insurance runs in Patsy’s family. Her daughter recommended BrokerLink because she was so happy with her coverage and the money she’d saved. So Patsy called BrokerLink herself and spoke to Alan. After taking a look at Patsy’s needs, Alan bundled her car and tenant insurance and found competitive rates that saved her $687. Now both Patsy and her daughter have more money for mother-daughter lunches.

Tim D. & Michelle D. of London

“We saved $606 on insurance. Who wouldn’t switch?”

Tim and Michelle had their car insurance with one provider and their tenant insurance with another. But after speaking with Carlena, they discovered the beauty of bundling insurance through BrokerLink. To ensure Tim and Michelle were getting the best coverage and price possible, Carlena compared every provider and every bundled offering, and ended up saving them $606.

Terra M. of Edmonton

“Saving $698 couldn’t have been simpler.”

As the proud mother of a new baby, Terra didn’t have a lot of time on her hands and was looking to cut costs wherever she could. So she spoke to Ashley at BrokerLink. Ashley reviewed Terra’s coverage and found ways to save her $698 on her car and tenant insurance. She also made switching easy. Now Terra is proud to welcome a brand-new insurance policy to the family too.

Janis C. of Woodstock

“BrokerLink helped me save $701, and on better coverage.”

Janis and her sister were paying a lot to insure the two-family home they share. After doing some digging, Beki at BrokerLink found insurance for their home at significant savings, and with greater coverage. Knowing a good thing when she sees it, Janis switched both her home and car insurance to BrokerLink, thrilled to get so much more for $701 less.

Christine S. of Calgary

“Thanks to bundling and group insurance, I saved $487.”

Christine was happy with her car and home coverage but, things were getting complicated because she was working with different providers. After reviewing Christine’s situation, Giorgia at BrokerLink suggested that Christine bundle plans and take advantage of a group discount through her professional association. Christine saved $487 and, with Giorgia taking care of everything by email, she saved time too.

Cheryl and Jordan V. of Cochrane

"Better insurance and we're saving over $1,000. Wow."

Cheryl and Jordan V. own a home, three vehicles and a rental property in Cochrane, Alberta. They called Sarah at BrokerLink, hoping she could help them save on their insurance. After a quick chat, Sarah bundled everything under one policy, upgraded their coverage, and found them a group discount. Cheryl and Jordan switched, happy to be saving over $1,000.

Jim and Dawne K. of Cochrane

"Everything's covered, and we've saved $1,491."

Jim and Dawne are BrokerLink customers in Cochrane, Alberta. Their broker, Sarah, is always looking for ways to help them save on their insurance. For example, during a complete policy review with Jim and Dawne, Sarah noticed that some of their updated information could possibly contribute to greater savings. A bit of investigation on Sarah’s part meant that Jim and Dawne saved $1,491, just like that.

John M. of St. Mary's

"Peace of mind is great. Saving $1,282 is pretty good, too."

John was paying close to $5,000 a year for his auto and tenant insurance with his previous carrier. He felt this was too much and started calling around for quotes. His chat with Alison at BrokerLink left the biggest impression: she could save John $1,282 by bundling his insurance policies, and he would still have the coverage he needs. John switched to BrokerLink right away.

Dustin and Angela S. of Medicine Hat

"They found us a group discount, which helped us save $273."

Dustin and Angela had their car insurance covered by BrokerLink, but their home was covered by another provider. Sherri at BrokerLink was reviewing their file and found she could get Dustin and Angela a group discount on auto insurance through the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce. Sherri’s quick thinking gave them the confidence to switch their home coverage to BrokerLink as well, saving them $273 in total.

Susan M. of Guelph

"After one call, I'm saving $744 on my insurance."

Susan had spent a couple weeks searching for car and tenant insurance quotes. Just when she thought she had found the lowest quote, she spoke with Jeff at BrokerLink. Jeff could save Susan $744 by bundling her insurance. She decided to switch, confident after all her research that she had found the best deal. The process was fast and easy, and Susan took care of it all from the comfort of her home.

Maureen U. & Paul H. of Calgary

“We switched and saved $724 on insurance.”

Being self-employed, Maureen and Paul want their money to work as hard as they do. They already had car insurance with BrokerLink, so when they were reviewing their home insurance, they called Chris at BrokerLink. He took the time to answer their questions and understand their needs. By bundling their home and car, Chris saved them $724. Maureen and Paul discovered that by bundling with BrokerLink, saving money isn’t that hard at all.


Candace E. of Medicine Hat

“Our policy? Paying $536 less on insurance.”

Candace got more than she’d hoped for by switching to BrokerLink. Before switching, her home and car insurance were on separate policies. Then she spoke with Shelley at BrokerLink, who suggested she simplify things, and save money, by bundling. Candace loved how friendly and knowledgeable Shelley was. She also loved saving $536. Candace was so pleased, she switched her business insurance to BrokerLink – and saved on that too.

Charles H. of Hamilton

“One call. $102 saved on insurance.”

Who would think that by increasing insurance coverage you’d save money? Charles didn’t, until he spoke to Janet at BrokerLink. He had car insurance with BrokerLink but had never given tenant insurance much thought. Janet explained that by adding tenant insurance, his possessions would be covered, and by bundling his tenant and car insurance, he’d save $102. Now Charles is paying less for more.

Cindy S. of Ingersoll

"I was thrilled to get better coverage - for $120 less."

Cindy had recently finished her basement and needed to make some changes to her home insurance coverage. She took the opportunity to shop around for the best deal and spoke with Beki at BrokerLink. Beki helped Cindy save on her insurance, and also explained the changes that needed to be made to her coverage. Cindy was so impressed with her experience, she brought her auto insurance to BrokerLink as well, saving her a total of $120.

Kris and Cathy Z. of Dorchester

"Turns out we were overpaying. Switching saved us $985."

Kris and Cathy own a home and two vehicles in Dorchester, Ontario. When they called Terri at BrokerLink to get a competitive quote on their insurance coverage, they were impressed with the level of service they received. They were also impressed with the $985 in savings they got when Terri bundled their home and auto insurance.

Kimberly M. of Edmonton

"Switching saved us $580, and we're completely covered."

Kimberly was looking for a better deal on insurance for her two cars and her home in Edmonton, Alberta. She called BrokerLink and spoke with Ashleigh, who was happy to answer every last one of Kimberly’s questions. Ashleigh’s quote not only gave Kimberly the best price – $580 less than she was used to paying – but also the best coverage. Kimberly is confident in her decision to switch to BrokerLink.

Kim and Kevin Y. of Calgary

"Bundling all of our policies saved us almost $2,000."

Kim approached BrokerLink at a trade show in Calgary. She spoke with Jonathan, who showed Kim how much she could save by bundling all her policies: home, rental property, vehicles, ATVs and vacation trailer. Putting all those together, along with Kim’s group discount as a CAPLA member, would save Kim and her husband, Kevin, a combined total of $1,907. As you might guess, they switched immediately.

Marilyn and Paul S. of Sherwood Park

"We saved a lot on auto insurance. So we switched our home insurance too."

Marilyn and Paul had heard BrokerLink ads on the radio and decided to visit their local Sherwood Park location to see if they could save on auto insurance. They met with Allie, whose auto insurance quote was so impressive that Marilyn and Paul also asked for a quote on home insurance. Once they realized they could save $1,142 by bundling the home and auto policies, they cancelled mid-term with their prior carrier and switched to BrokerLink.

Anita H. of Virgil

"They know insurance inside and out, which saved me $600."

Anita called BrokerLink for a quote when she needed home and auto insurance. She spoke to Katie at BrokerLink who recommended bundling her policies together, which would save her $600. Anita was so happy with the level of service and the savings, that she’s already recommended BrokerLink to her neighbours.

Clint W. of Edmonton

"I saved money, and they were great to deal with."

Clint felt he was paying too much for his auto insurance. So he called Elena at BrokerLink, and she conducted a thorough insurance review for him. Her detailed review ended up saving Clint $420 a year on his car insurance.

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